Homemade Protein Bars

Two recipes for protein bars. Homemade protein bars with hemp and chia seeds are a tasty, healthy, and frugal alternative to store bought protein bars. 
Yummy Hubby is training for a century cycling race. Yes, that's one HUNDRED miles.

He had asked me to pick up some protein bars he could take on his long rides or to have right after. I always try to have a green protein smoothie within 30 minutes of my own workouts to build muscle, but that's not always convenient. I usually avoid protein bars because they often have added junky ingredients, excessive sugar, and are very processed. Not to mention the cost! At $1 to $3 per bar, I noticed my grocery bill increasing with Mr. Yummy Mummy's protein bar consumption. So it was time to make them myself. I've made these homemade protein bars several times this week because they went so quickly. I grabbed a couple of protein balls for myself as I ran out the door with the girls for school, not having time for breakfast. They are great for active kids who need energy for sports too. 

The great thing about making your own food is that YOU are the quality control manager. YOU can choose the sweetener you like - brown rice syrup, coconut nectar, stevia, honey. YOU can choose to use organic peanut butter (peanuts are heavily sprayed with pesticides FYI) or gluten-free oats. 

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