Vegan Coconut Cupcakes with Vegan Whipped Cream Frosting

For Valentine's Day this year the girls and I made my hubby's favorite sweet treat - Coconut Cupcakes. Only this time we made them a little lighter and healthier. I am not vegan, and especially don't avoid eggs, since I know our eggs come from happy chickens - the ones in our back yard. However, I do like to keep the animal products to a minimum, and happened to be out of eggs. I was skeptical these no-egg cupcakes would be fluffy, but we liked them even better than the usual high-calorie version! I used a stevia baking blend to cut the sugar down by half, and a vegan whipped cream with just a little sugar for the frosting. 

Light, fluffy, and decadent. Without the post-cupcake tummy ache. The coconut whipped cream does need to be refrigerated or it will melt, so don't make these cupcakes too far in advance, or frost just before serving. 

Recipe after the jump! 

P.S. I'll be making these at Easter with a few Cadbury Mini Eggs. 

Description: Vegan Coconut Cupcakes with Vegan Whipped Cream Frosting
Rating: 4.5
Reviewed by: mangan jagung
On: 7:32 AM