Healthy Chocolate Granola Recipe

Healthy superfood ingredients like raw organic cacao powder, coconut, and chia seeds come together to create a decadent tasting breakfast or snack. Who says you can't have chocolate for breakfast?!
I've made this delicious granola twice in the past week. The first time I made it, planning to send it off to friends as a housewarming gift, it disappeared. Yummy Hubby really loved it. Like, a little too much. So I made the chocolate granola a second time, but was smarter this time a put a "hands off!" sticky note on the container until I had it out of the house. 

Chocolate granola is best with cold milk. The milk quickly turns into chocolate milk and reminds me so much of the chocolate rice krispies cereal I only got to have on vacation as a kid for that chocolate milky reason. And that reason only - this one is loaded with nutrients without all the sugar. 
Have I mentioned I have horrendous handwriting? Slapping on labels is more my thing. Thank goodness the kindergarten teacher included glue sticks on the supply list! And don't tell my big girl I sneaked her new glue stick from her backpack in the middle of the night. I created this one in Photoshop and you're welcome to print it out and use it. Click here to download the jpg file. 

I got the ice cream containers on Amazon and use them for everything from storing actual ice cream to gift packaging to holding popsicle stick games for the kids.

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