Ingredient Love: Turmeric for Health & a Juicer Recipe

A few weeks ago I was at Whole Foods perusing the beautiful produce when fresh turmeric caught my eye. The brown root looks a lot like ginger, but is bright orange inside. Turmeric has been used forever in ayurvedic medicine for its numerous health benefits. I remembered Dr. Oz talking about turmeric tea and turmeric capsules. I love the warmth and bright yellow color it adds to curries and soups. The powdered form is easiest to use, but I couldn't resist buying one of the fresh roots on my shopping trip. But what exactly does one do with fresh turmeric? 

Some people chew little pieces of the raw turmeric root. I tried that and wouldn't do it again - yuck. I decided to throw a piece in my juicer and think juicing turmeric may be the tastiest and easiest way to go. This juice gave me a big happy afternoon energy boost better than any latte. 
 Carrot, Orange, Turmeric Juice Recipe

Description: Ingredient Love: Turmeric for Health & a Juicer Recipe
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