Antique Hydrangeas...My Newest Obsession!

A few weeks ago a good friend was celebrating her birthday.  I decided I'd buy her flowers and went to our local Stew Leonard's grocery store.  Now I know what you're thinking..."You bought flowers for your friend at the GROCERY STORE?! "  Well it's not 7-11 and they weren't blue carnations.  This is a great store with amazing produce and the most gorgeous floral department.  I haven't been able to get flowers at a florist that are as beautiful as what they sell.  Back to the subject at for my friend!  The day I went in they had the most incredible antique hydrangeas.  I fell in love instantly with them, but didn't buy any for myself.  Well, I was back at that same store today and decided I'd had a rough week and deserved some flowers.  I was in luck because they had the antique hydrangeas in stock!  The floral lady and I gushed over them while she wrapped them up for me.  I came home and was giddy that I bought myself such a beautiful gift.  Silly I know, but trust me it's been one of those weeks and I needed a pick-me-up.  

I'm using this post to brag on these amazing flowers and as a 'sneak peak' of something I'm going to be working on in the next few weeks.  

Here's a sneak peak of  project I have coming up and those BEAUTIFUL flowers!!  They don't show up that great in this picture, but I still love it.  The dresser is a big more rough in person than it looks in this picture, but it looks great here!

NOW, this shows the flowers a bit better.  They have flecks of blue, pink, yellow and a light green with the cream in the background.  The floral lady made sure to tell me at least 3 times to make sure I dry them.  No worries these will be around for a long time!

They're so puffy and GORGEOUS!!!  

Here you can see how rough the top of the dresser is, but what a great backdrop for the spectacular flowers.  Hmmm have I used enough adjectives to describe them yet??

I love fresh flowers.  They really brighten my day.  Such an incredible reminder of how beautiful Mother Nature is.  Now I just wish I could grow these in my own yard.  I think I'd have them everywhere.

Enjoy your day and if you're having a rough one go buy yourself some beautiful flowers!  :-)

Description: Antique Hydrangeas...My Newest Obsession!
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