Easter Brunch: A Peeps Regatta

Are you ready for Easter? Our Easter Bunny still has some preparing to do and could use some suggestions for basket fillings. Our preschool was on Spring Break last week. Please tell me why a 4 year old needs a Spring Break. Does she need to go to Cancun? Is playing in the sandbox three mornings a week too stressful? I think not, and it's rather inconvenient for an Easter Bunny who does not have a minute alone to shop for basket fillings. Oh, and said Bunny would also really love a shower alone. Just saying. In all honesty, I am glad the teachers get that break. They have a tough and under appreciated job.

What are your favorite Easter basket fillers? I like to stay away from candy in favor of things like markers and stickers.

Last year we were lucky enough to be invited to an Annual Peeps Regatta  hosted by my friend, The Southern Belle in Santa Barbara. This is my absolute favorite Easter party idea. It's relaxed, fun, and elegant all at the same time. Perfection.

Description: Easter Brunch: A Peeps Regatta
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